Star Wars: Persecutor Class Command Ship

Digging out another old model to rebuild. I’m just eyeballing this behemoth so the new model would best be described as slightly less inaccurate than my original lol. All I’ve got so far is the top and bottom portions of the hull and the rest of it is going to take a good great deal of time. Since it won’t be an exact copy of the Executor, I’m going to name this one the Persecutor. And here’s pics…


Star Wars: Inundator Class Light Cruiser Update III

The latest, progress has slowed because of a busy weekend, hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track and have the top finished by the end of next weekend. I’m considering where to place a hangar bay. Nothing too elaborate, just enough for some fighters and shuttles, I’ll leave the landing craft etc to the Imperator Star Destroyers. Starting off with a couple of pics to show the difference in size between this and my Tormentor Class, which is itself still smaller than an Imperator Class.

Star Wars: Inundator Class Light Cruiser Update II

This should really be update 1.5, just a few slight changes. I added a second heavy turbolaser battery behind and above the first one. I also made a few changes to the tower to lighten it up some, it was a bit too bulky looking for a light cruiser. Lots to do still, the engine section is almost completely untouched as is the bottom. Onward and upward… here’s pics…

Star Wars: Inundator Class Light Cruiser Update I

Got some more greebling done. I’m still tinkering with ideas for the command structure so I might bring back the Venator style bridge and I’m still wanting to do something asymmetrical there just to break up the monotony. Right now the greebles are just mirrored on both sides but I’m going to mix those up, again just to break up the monotony. Anyway, here’s pics…

Star Wars: Inundator Class Light Cruiser

Just taking a break from the Tormentor while I sort out some scale problems. I decided to take a swipe at an Imperial version of the Republic Light Cruiser. Using my greebles from the Tormentor and learning from all my mistakes (so far) has really helped move this little project along. Here’s a couple of quick pics showing a weeks worth of progress…

Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update VII

The damn trench again, I know….  I was just about finished with it and as I was looking at I realized two things, first that I was slapping stuff on just to take up space so I could call it finished and not really putting forth my best effort and second, the rounded guns and platforms really were giving it a Star Blazers look that just doesn’t fit with Star Wars stuff. So, I deleted all of that and have started again but here’s a couple of pics showing the new trench guns, kinda reminiscent of the tower guns on the Death Star, and the heavy turbolasers more in keeping with the Avenger style guns. So with those changes this ship will appear as it would have after refits and upgrades around the ESB/ROTJ era. And here’s a couple of pics….

And this was as far as I got with the previous style of details, which had already been altered from the last update and might work for some other style of ship, just not an Imperial ship…

Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update VI

What? Another greeble update, I know but that’s all I’ve had time to do lately but I am making some decent progress. I’ll try to break up the monotony with the next post though. So yeah, still more greebles but I’m almost half done with the gun belt and then I’m going to tackle the engine section, which will mean more greebles (I’m sorry)…

Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update IV

So recently (yesterday), I rendered these two pics of my Tormentor SD and at long last I am happy with my panel lines.

You probably don’t realize what a huge thing that is for me. I have been staring at Fractalsponge’s pics for years now an marveled at his awesome system of paneling his models, big or small they all come out looking freaking awesome and I have foamed at the mouth with jealousy. I know he uses a large pattern and somehow gets that glued to the surface and then presto it looks freaking awesome and every couple of months I’ll post in his thread “that’s stunning” or “that’s awesome” and I would post more but my vocabulary suffers from not completing college so I am bereft of terms to express my admiration for his work and my desire to learn how he does it and still maintains sanity while doing it. Anyway, after looking at his stuff I’ll get inspired to go back to any of the dozen or so star destroyer type models I have saved on my hard drive in various stages of frustration. I’ve tried the pattern thing several hundred times and all I get is thousands and thousands of extra vertices and a computer gasping for more memory like it was air to breathe, I think I even killed a motherboard trying that method. Anyway, I can’t do it like Fractalsponge, the man’s a genius and I can’t hold a candle to him for modeling. So I spent yesterday cutting and pruning and trimming and pissing off my wife and finally rendered these two pics, and I was pleased with the look.

In my happiness, I went down to the strip (I live in Vegas) and tried to hold a press conference in front of the Mirage. I figured I would pay a homeless man $10 to hold a microphone up in front of me and set up my video camera on a tripod in hopes that maybe a news van would pass by and they would think some interesting stuff was about to go down and jump on the opportunity. Well, I ended up paying the homeless man a bit more than $10, here’s a little life lesson, not all people that look homeless are homeless, some of them are just criminals and have gangs of friends that will rob you on a side street near the strip. Everything turned out for the best though, my wallet was old and needed replacing anyway as was my video camera. So the press conference thing didn’t work out, but, now I’ve got an interesting story to tell my co-workers on Monday and I’m still pleased with my panel lines.