Star Wars: Imperial TIE Avatar Update V

Got some more details stuck on here and there, most of the work was done on the wing struts and wing, still a ridiculous amount to finish but I’m making some progress this weekend.


Star Wars: Imperial TIE Avatar Update III

Added some brake lights, not sure why they have them, they’re probably supposed to be something else but that’s what they look like to me. Also started adding some greebling and detail lines here and there.

Since I just posted this and I don’t want to clutter up the page with a bunch of posts about the same thing I’m just going to tack on the latest pics here…

Star Wars: Imperial TIE Avatar WIP

Some people bashing The Empire Strikes Back, the GREATEST STAR WARS MOVIE EVER, motivated me to finally get back to polishing up my old Star Wars models. So here’s the progress on the Avatar. This was supposed to be a post-ROTJ fighter, I’ll have to dig up the write up I did for it on the original site and post it with the updates. Mostly I’ve just worked on rebuilding the cockpit and struts, the wings are untouched at this point except for the cannons.