Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update IX

Some greebling progress and starting in on the engine section. The panel lines are still going in, they’ll be a lot denser when finished but overall I’m pleased with the little progress I was able to make this weekend. Getting a really nice stockpile of greebles which will come in handy for the Imperator, Enslaver, Persecutor etc…


Star Wars: Imperial Warship Comparison Chart II

This is an updated chart now that the Tormentor has been redesigned and the Inundator has been rescaled. Of course the dimensions listed on the chart are of the unfinished models so they’ll change slightly once sensor globes etc are added. The Imperator was modeled after a toy but I thought it was a good representation so if those dimensions are a little off, I’m okay with it. Blogger doesn’t seem to like this images size so to see the full pic you might have to right click and “view image” then you can zoom…

Star Wars: Imperator & Inundator Class Updates

Well, I’ve finally decided to take a crack at the Imperator (Imperial) class star destroyer. I had one that I had built for the old website but like all of those models it was eyeballed and extremely inaccurate so this one will be less inaccurate. Also, I’ve gone ahead and rescaled the Inundator based on the scale of the details compared to the ISD. So the Inundator now comes in at 944 meters long, by 433.5 wide and 122.9 high. So here’s some pics of the new ISD model with the rescaled Inundator.