Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update XIII

Did some rebuilding of the hangar bay. Separated the bay into a larger main bay aft of a smaller bay. The AT-AT’s and their carriers work out of the main bay and also the TIE fighter’s launch from there. I still have to add in a couple of side bays for some small craft stowage. I’m pleased with how it’s turning out so far, still lots of stuff to do but not much more in the way of small details since you won’t see those anyway. In fact I put in some doors in the bulkhead at the end of the TIE rack gantry’s but I stopped working on them because they’re obscured by all the stuff connected to the racks and gantry anyway. So, I determined that TIE’s will launch out of the main bay and be recovered in the forward bay, then go down below the forward bay deck for servicing and back up along the tracks to the main bay ready for another launch. There are four holes at the end of the gantry to allow four pilots to enter their fighters at a time. With four racks abreast and conceivably 12 pilots suited up and ready, you could launch a whole squadron real quick (I think). Anyway, here’s a couple of pics…


Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update XII

Not a lot of new work done but I did install the guns… (on one side anyway, no fair attacking on the opposite side)… a little more paneling done too… I’m going to try and finish off the greebles on the superstructure this week (lol I know… stop…)

Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update VIII

So this is probably the fourth, fifth maybe even sixth total overhaul and redesign of the Tormentor Class. I see this ship’s role as more of an armored landing ship. It’s able to enter the atmosphere (but not actually land) to deliver ground forces and provide support. The large hangar bay on top keeps it protected from ground fire. This time I’m happy with it from just about any view. Still at the initial paneling stage, although the trench lip is more or less done, just need some pieces here and there to tie it to the hull. Greebling should go pretty fast in the trench now that I have a lot on hand, but then I started this model in 2006 and here I am, starting it again, so we’ll see…

Star Wars: Imperator & Inundator Class Updates

Well, I’ve finally decided to take a crack at the Imperator (Imperial) class star destroyer. I had one that I had built for the old website but like all of those models it was eyeballed and extremely inaccurate so this one will be less inaccurate. Also, I’ve gone ahead and rescaled the Inundator based on the scale of the details compared to the ISD. So the Inundator now comes in at 944 meters long, by 433.5 wide and 122.9 high. So here’s some pics of the new ISD model with the rescaled Inundator.

Star Wars: Persecutor Class Command Ship

Digging out another old model to rebuild. I’m just eyeballing this behemoth so the new model would best be described as slightly less inaccurate than my original lol. All I’ve got so far is the top and bottom portions of the hull and the rest of it is going to take a good great deal of time. Since it won’t be an exact copy of the Executor, I’m going to name this one the Persecutor. And here’s pics…

Star Wars: Inundator Class Light Cruiser Update III

The latest, progress has slowed because of a busy weekend, hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track and have the top finished by the end of next weekend. I’m considering where to place a hangar bay. Nothing too elaborate, just enough for some fighters and shuttles, I’ll leave the landing craft etc to the Imperator Star Destroyers. Starting off with a couple of pics to show the difference in size between this and my Tormentor Class, which is itself still smaller than an Imperator Class.

Star Wars: Inundator Class Light Cruiser Update II

This should really be update 1.5, just a few slight changes. I added a second heavy turbolaser battery behind and above the first one. I also made a few changes to the tower to lighten it up some, it was a bit too bulky looking for a light cruiser. Lots to do still, the engine section is almost completely untouched as is the bottom. Onward and upward… here’s pics…