Star Trek: USS Excalibur Update V

Completely rebuilt the warp engines, although the back end is still unfinished, I’ll probably throw in some light greeble back there. So these engines being experimental are sort of a merging of both circumferential and linear warp drives. Added a little character to the deflector dish, but it still needs more details. I still have to tear up some more hull plating to give it that under construction look all over but I’m deciding whether to give the secondary hull some more curve.


Star Trek: USS Enterprise 1701-D

Started on my first Next Generation ship, so why not tackle the one I’ve always wanted to tweak the most, the Enterprise. For whatever reason, this ship just has never sat well with me (no offense meant to those that love her). I don’t know what in particular I didn’t like, but I’m going to try and build a version that I find more palatable. So here’s a start…

Star Trek: USS Excalibur Update IV

Worked a little on the impulse engines. At first, I thought about using one of Andrew Probert’s discarded impulse engine designs from the refit from TMP, but as I was working I decided just to take what was done for TMP and dial it back a little so it looks like it’s on its way to being the system we see in TMP but not quite there yet. I also tinkered with the warp engine grills, halved the number so they show up and aren’t just an interference pattern in the renderings.