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Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update XIII

Did some rebuilding of the hangar bay. Separated the bay into a larger main bay aft of a smaller bay. The AT-AT’s and their carriers work out of the main bay and also the TIE fighter’s launch from there. I still have to add in a couple of side bays for some small craft stowage. I’m pleased with how it’s turning out so far, still lots of stuff to do but not much more in the way of small details since you won’t see those anyway. In fact I put in some doors in the bulkhead at the end of the TIE rack gantry’s but I stopped working on them because they’re obscured by all the stuff connected to the racks and gantry anyway. So, I determined that TIE’s will launch out of the main bay and be recovered in the forward bay, then go down below the forward bay deck for servicing and back up along the tracks to the main bay ready for another launch. There are four holes at the end of the gantry to allow four pilots to enter their fighters at a time. With four racks abreast and conceivably 12 pilots suited up and ready, you could launch a whole squadron real quick (I think). Anyway, here’s a couple of pics…


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