Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update VII

The damn trench again, I know….  I was just about finished with it and as I was looking at I realized two things, first that I was slapping stuff on just to take up space so I could call it finished and not really putting forth my best effort and second, the rounded guns and platforms really were giving it a Star Blazers look that just doesn’t fit with Star Wars stuff. So, I deleted all of that and have started again but here’s a couple of pics showing the new trench guns, kinda reminiscent of the tower guns on the Death Star, and the heavy turbolasers more in keeping with the Avenger style guns. So with those changes this ship will appear as it would have after refits and upgrades around the ESB/ROTJ era. And here’s a couple of pics….

And this was as far as I got with the previous style of details, which had already been altered from the last update and might work for some other style of ship, just not an Imperial ship…