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Star Trek: USS Excalibur Update III

Changed a bunch of stuff. What I intended to to was cut out some windows but one thing led to another and I never got to windows. But I did rebuild the bridge superstructure to make look like it was being rebuilt. Also scattered around some open spots on the upper side of the primary hull. Changed the main sensor/deflector dish to look more on the road to TMP version. Also rebuilt the hangar doors and worked on the hull around that area. And now Star Wars calls, probably work on some of that for the next post. Anyway, here’s pics…


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2 responses to “Star Trek: USS Excalibur Update III

  1. Your sculpts are phenomenal! I want a model of the Bold Fury right NOW! I had to see who you were after your comment on my blog, because your name seemed familiar. So when I checked your google profile I then realized “This is the dude who made that awesome CG Planet of the Titans Enterprise that drifts across my desktop as a screen saver every single day!” I found that model on Modelermagic. Dude, your stuff is so inspiring. I'm dredging up my old cg models from like 1998 and posting them on my blog. About your Excalibur: For right now, I'm liking this better than the current Enterprise. Did I say that? Me and my big fat mouth!

  2. Thanks dude! Yeah I should really finish some of these models, I think the only model I've ever finished was my TIE Predator and that only because I didn't bother texturing it. I'm headed over to your site now to see your models!

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