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Star Trek: Planet of the Titans

I’ve been working on this monster for years. This is based on the Ralph McQuarrie concept work for the movie that never was, Planet of the Titans. There’s some good articles about the movie over at Forgotten Trek. This is about as far as I went with this model as a USS Enterprise version. I’ve continued working on it as the USS Edward Teller and currently I’m finishing texturing the big girl.


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3 responses to “Star Trek: Planet of the Titans

  1. Looks awesome. I like how it captures the expansive feel of Quarrie's design, while maintaining the sleek design of the new series.

  2. Hugh Hoyland ⋅

    Very good. As the poster above said it keeps the basic vibe of the original and adds the smooth design. What program did you use to build them?

  3. Thanks, I use 3D Studio Max 2010.

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